Dr. Stanley Jacob pioneers DMSO

A doctor by the name of Stanley Jacob, M.D. of the Oregon Health & Science University pioneered the use of Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) as a major anti-inflammatory in the 1960’s. At the time Dr. Jacob was researching various compounds that would help preserve organs that were in route for transplant. When he was testing DMSO, he found that it was doing a fantastic job. In fact, it was doing such an amazing job he decided to research further.

DMSO, an organic sulphur compound

DMSO is a 100% organic sulphur compound. It contains a high concentration of naturally occurring organic sulphur that the body can readily use at a cellular level. The compound comes from the bark of trees and is a byproduct of the paper making process. It’s the compound that a tree utilizes to repair damages, nicks and cuts in its’ bark, stems and leaves.

Sulphur plays an important role in the oxygenation and detoxification that takes place in our bodies. Every living cell, plant or animal contains sulphur. Some of the best superfoods in nature, such as Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage contain high amounts of naturally occurring sulpher.

DMSO Sparks the race for NSAIDS (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs)

Terry Bristol, PhD says “it was the DMSO discovery that spurred pharmaceutical companies on to the development of other varieties of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories. Pharmaceutical companies were saying that if DMSO can do this, so can other compounds. The shame is that DMSO is less toxic and has less in the way of side effects than any of them.”

DMSO largely used as a topical ointment for bruises and sore muscles

DMSO is used best as a topical solution for bruises and sore muscles, aches and pains. It absorbs into the skin very effectively. Since it does such a great job of absorbing into the skin, you want to always make sure to keep anything toxic away from your skin or near the DMSO when you’re applying it. Things like clorox bleach, chemicals from any cleaning supplies, or anything similar than is classified as being toxic.

Can cause skin irritation in some, wipe off after 10 minutes

DMSO can cause irritation to the skin for some. Generally, DMSO Gels are a 50% DMSO / 50% distilled water or a 70% DMSO / 30% distilled water forumula. DMSO liquid is sold at 99.99% on Amazon and other outlets that you can buy it from. It is recommended to dilute those stronger formulas with filtered or distilled water to prevent any irritation. Dr. Stanley Jacob mentions there is no reason to rub in DMSO once it’s applied. It absorbs well enough on its own. He mentions you can wipe the DMSO away after about 10 minutes to prevent any irritation from happening if that is something you experience.

High freezing point, good for storing living cells

DMSO has a high freezing point of 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit or 19 degrees Celcius. This allows scientists and cryobiologists to use it as a cryoprotectant to protect living cells, such as sperm, oocytes, and embryos from damage when they are cold-preserved in liquid nitrogen for storage. This also means, if you buy DMSO during the winter time, it may arrive to you completely frozen if the current temperature is below 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit or 19 degrees Celcius. You may need to warm a bowl of water and place your DMSO container inside of it to let it return back to a liquid state before you can use it.

Ongoing process with the FDA for approval, citing politics between large pharmaceutical companies

The FDA has approved DMSO as a prescription medication for treating symptoms of painful bladder syndrome called interstitial cystitis. Other than that medication, the FDA says DMSO cannot be sold for human consumption. Despite study after study showing its’ anti-inflammatory and positive effects on the body, it can only be sold as a solvent in the United States.

One brand, Nature’s Gift DMSO Gel, says “This product is intended for the use as a solvent only. The choice of the process used in the various applications is the sole responsibility of the user. It is unlawful to represent in any way that this product is useful or safe for the use for medicinal purposes.”

Dr. Stanley Jacob discusses DMSO benefits on “60 Minutes” (CBS)

Dr. Stanley Jacob mentions further in these videos listed below about the benefits of DMSO and why DMSO was not approved by the FDA, citing politics between some large pharmaceutical companies and the inability for DMSO to be patented due to DMSO being an organic, natural product. According to the U.S. Patent Office, the four things that cannot be patented are abstract ideas, laws of nature, natural phenomena, and natural products.

DMSO may be approved by the FDA in the future

Maybe some day in the future when natural products are more widely accepted, we will see DMSO be approved by the FDA for medicinal purposes / human use. For now, it seems to be a political issue that is still in the process of being figured out.

Medical Research

Medical research notes:
This study demonstrates a considerable neuroprotective effect of DMSO on neurological, biochemical, and histopathological analyses during periods of spinal cord I/R injury in rabbits.1

Author: Nilüfer Nermin Turan from the University of Gazi published in the Annals of Vascular Surgery Journal on December 17th, 2007

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