Currently all donations will be going towards helping me fund my mission of helping others through their injuries/traumas. To assist others in meeting the potential through motivation that they might not have otherwise reached without seeing content & information like mine and other’s on the web and on social media. My main goal right now is to share my story in the most inclusive way possible for others’ going through trauma to see. I’m hitting roadblocks in doing this due to my inability to have access to the things I need.

I currently need the following to better document my recovery process:

  • A vehicle. Not only do I need a vehicle to get to the doctor’s, physical therapy, to meet with others and to expand what I’m doing, but my left foot is stuck 60 degrees angulated downward. I’d like to have a manual transmission vehicle to continually be able to press on the clutch to help flatten my foot and give my worse-off leg more exercise.
  • New Carbon Fiber leg braces. These are $1200.00 each and I need a pair of two to replace my older pair that do not fit my legs as well as they need to anymore.
  • A Tempur-Pedic mattress. I’m currently sleeping on a bed from Ikea that has several dents in it and hurts my back.
  • A Canon DSLR camera. I’m currently shooting all my content from my Samsung Galaxy S10 and while, it’s good, it’s far from professional. I believe with professional quality video from a DSLR, I will be able to reach and impact more people.
  • Organic food. This seems basic, but it’s actually fairly expensive to eat Organic at all times and I’m consistently making sacrifices to be able to maintain this diet to help me heal.


Below is a PayPal Donate button that is linked to the Tommy Walks Again bank account:


I can accept a number of different cryptocurrencies as a method of donation. Cryptocurrencies are often referred to as “Bitcoin” but that is just one form of cryptocurrency payment. I’ve listed the alternate coins that I also work with below. Each coin type has a specific “address” you send the donation to, this is why each coin has a separate address. If I am missing a coin that you prefer to send in, you can email me and let me know which one and I can provide the address for that particular coin as well.

Bitcoin (BTC):
Send to address: 1W6LLWvm9MRAhqBjHKVkH3HrK2JMNsxqm

Etherium (ETH):
Send to address: 0x5dBacf6b4eCb05d854634c9437b3Cb3E4FA8437d

Litecoin (LTC):
Send to address: LdoLnoq7miTnVwBCc3W3DZW7WodFSJjMGF

Dogecoin (DOGE):
Send to address: DHaGqJJtmPf7oh9tokEonuwuXugQ9AV2Vi

Ripple (XRP):
Send to address: rPq1xe8MnieG9in6iRnJRn8GMX69KN3rm5


Other methods:

You can also email me at or message me directly on Instagram or Facebook to coordinate other ways of supporting me to help me further and to help my mission.

Thank you!

I greatly appreciate your support to help me expand what I’m doing. God bless! 🙏🙌