How I Healed An Abscessed Tooth

This Summer I was visiting Dr. Gibson and we talked Homeopathic Medicine as he was reviewing the status of my teeth. I was fortunate enough to heal an abscessed tooth that would have otherwise needed a root canal. I also reversed some gum damage with the help of some herbal remedies, organic foods and some great essential oils. Dr. Gibson gave me kudos for being able to have done that. I’m really excited to share more about these types of healing techniques via this website. I really hope I can be of some help to people out there trying to heal.

I found this image of some notes I sent to my brother during that time. Looking back, I feel there’s a bunch of different ways to heal a tooth eating whole organic foods, but this was the diet I was on during that period of Summer 2017. Some of my food preferences have changed since then. I would exchange meat for Tofu mainly, but definitely good healthy fats, Calcium rich foods, plenty of sun if it’s summer time or Vitamin D supplements to help carry the Calcium deep into the body and minimal carbs, and only carbs that carry vitamins (veggies, fruits — no white bread, sodas, etc.) is the most important aspect.

So why is good fat so important? It’s like the great protector. Vitamins and minerals absorb into the fat and then that fat protects all of those healing powers from the acids in your stomach. Everything has a much better opportunity to make it way deeper into your body and absorb for a much longer period of time.

I also think it’s super important to note here, tingling in the tooth and gums means your tooth and gums is from healing. If it feels like your gums are itchy, that is an amazing thing because that means you are healing that area. Pulsing and pain obviously means that bacteria is thriving, but the itchy and tingles is healing. It can feel annoying, kind of like you feel like you need to brush your teeth again to maybe mitigate it, but, just soak it up and enjoy the fact that you’re doing a good job and it’s soon to be a very different, healed and healthy tooth!

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