Daily Update #10 – Swimming and Reflection

I was super lucky as an L1 incomplete to get movement below my waist back. I can’t stand very long, not every muscle works all the way and I need AFO’s and a cane to walk. I may never be perfect again and ya know what, I’m ok with that. I recently decided that I’m going to do what I can to get myself better than where I am today. After years of a plateau in my recovery, I really believe a big portion of recovery is based within our belief system and our “reasons to.” If we have or can forge a reason to, we can build a belief system that may allow us to reach places we never thought was imaginable in our recovery as SCI or other trauma injury patients. That our belief in ourselves is one of the major factors in bridging the gap between being and getting better, and not. It wasn’t too, too long ago I was shaking, trying to hold my weight up in a walker as I reached down and grabbed my pant leg, swinging my leg where it needed to go, in hopes it would land in the right position so I could lean forward and try to do it again with the other leg for just one more step. It’s moments recalling those memories that sometimes allow me to understand that I need to believe in myself again. That I may just be able to make it over the hump to my next mobility breakthrough. Much love to anyone out there reading this. 🙏🙌


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